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A picture is worth a zillion words!

Ma, Amma, Biba…. grace, dignity, comfort. A lap with endless yards of soft cloud like folds to hide, dream and linger in; a seemingly endless stretch of cozy, comforting, tissue-like extension of motherhood to blow ones weepy nose into when defeated, spent or crestfallen… or to wipe one’s hands on just before rushing-off to take on the world!

Ageless tradition. 😊

Gift someone who reminds you of Ma… or simply rejoice in the nostalgia of those times.

Because there are thousands of weavers who work at the loom just as they did for centuries… while we moved on to dresses and jeans.

They keep that emotion, that longing and that nurturing alive… custodians of tradition. Or shall we say, custodians of our simple joys and comforts?

The cotton fields blossom, the pods are picked, spinned, dyed and woven.. bandhani, lehriya, banarasi, tangail, paithani…. villages after villages, home after home, it is their heritage that was so because it was ours too once! They wove for us… we moved on, Time moved on… but human emotion, the craving for the Anchal, the Pallu, the Comfort of Amma.. that remains.

Fortunately, it’s affordable and available. May not be forever. Factories and BPOs beckon this once proud and skilled community.

Let’s enjoy it while we may.

View collection at Respect Origins.

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