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Narmada’s Blessing; The Maheshwari. Handloom at its Finest.

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Maheshwar, along the banks of the softly flowing Narmada, located in Madhya Pradesh is known for the legends of Ahilya Bai Holkar, the Saharaarjuna Temple and….the Maheshwari!

The Maheshwari saree reigns amidst the variety of handloom sarees in India for its effervescent, luminous, vapour-like feel and vibrant colours.

This light, breezy and iridescent fabric has the rare combination of being earthy while also feeling luxurious due to its lightness of being and the sheen reflected by the file silken threads. Exquisite curtains, table-linen and apparel are now highly sought-after.

With the ubiquitous and continuously expanding wireless networks, cell-phones in most hands, ATMs and e-payment facilities, anyone can now search using marketplaces, and source directly from the weavers or small, niche suppliers. The customer benefits from getting access to a wide range, good-quality and better choice. The weaver is able to maintain quality and provide a customer the product each wants, in their choice of colours combinations. The pride in the process of conceiving, creating and the joy in connecting with the customer and knowing their products are in demand, their crafts is appreciated..that is priceless.

The collection below comes from Master-weavers in Maheshwar. Stunning colour combinations in clashing shades. Simply beautiful.

Maheshwari Sarees


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