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Yalis; Herculean Grandeur A La India!

The Yali, an Indian mythological creature, with parts of the Lion, Elephant and Tiger, is believed to have, powers greater than the sum of the whole. Its omni-present in South-Indian carvings at Temples and buildings, and equalling , in fabulous works of art. It symbolizes and bestows powers to the space it inhabits. Used as brackets typically, these outstanding mythological creatures capture the spirit and imagination with wonder and awe. This piece in teak wood has exquisite carving, in bold and minute detail, contrasting with each other to communicate the power of this awesome mythological creature, the Yali!

Wood Carving, across the Southern States of India, is an established tradition. The Chalukya Dynasty, with its Capital at Badami, ruled Karnataka from the 6th to the 8th Century  and in its patronage the school of architecture flourished. At Badami, both the Nagara, North-Indian and Dravidian, South-Indian Styles of architecture can be witnessed. The caves are a part of a UNESCO World Heritage site.


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