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Shawls of Kuttch; All About Skill and Soul

Shawls of Kuttch; All About Skill and Soul

Striking contrasts of bright colours, Berry Red, Brilliant Indian Yellow with Leaf Green on Black, holding the tiniest, perfectly-rounded, gleaming mirrors in their stitches; White, Red and Indian Yellow on stark Black fabric. Wool, Wool- Cotton blend. The stoles and shawls, reveal the soul and skill of the deserts of India. They are easy to wear with practically any attire and due to the simplicity of form, they migrate beyond cultural boundaries, past East and West.

Kuttchi Embroidery is the unique handicraft and textile of the tribal community of Kutch District in Gujarat, India. This style of embroidery has been mastered by the many tribes, with each being distinct in their style and content. Geometric designs, almost tattoo-like sometimes gentle, floral and poetic. The craft is predominantly lead by women and generally done on fabrics of cotton with the threads being in cotton or silk. Beyond the weaving stage, for teh embroidery, the tools and material are of course, the needle, and mirrors-big and small.


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