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Meet the Master Series | Shree Lokesh Kumar, Bamboo Weaving Craft, UP, India

Meet the Master Series | Shree Lokesh Kumar, Bamboo Weaving Craft, UP, India

Andhra Pradesh – Karnataka Highway Lokesh Kumar and his father have migrated from Agra in Uttar Pradesh, Northern India, to set-up their small enterprise along the busy, high-traffic Karnataka- Andhra Pradesh highway. Why do people migrate? Well, for the same reason as the birds and butterflies do! In search of fodder. The two male members of this family have left one young man and the mother, many many miles behind. They live in temporary arrangements of the most humble sort and make their products sitting along the roadside as the world zips past. The most popular are the high-backed chairs, round low and very comfortable round stools called Modas. These are woven from all natural Bamboo, sticks, ropes and all. The raw materials are delivered by a truck from Agra as these are not available locally. They don’t know the local language and customs but then neither do migratory birds and butterflies! Lokesh was kind enough to teach me how to weave the chair… It’s not easy. The chair, without any nails or wood, simply by virtue of its tightly woven bamboo-rope combination in a vortex-like design ensures the equal distribution of mass and therefore, stability. The ropes run tightly woven and criss-cross to offer a comfortable seat. I bought two chairs for 800 and two modas for 400 in total. That’s less that $20. Handmade, individually crafted, stable, easy to move around and totally cool and natural! What’s most humbling is the contentment and joy with which every piece is made and happily sold for the price the casual passer-by-consumer-fellow human is happy to buy. Who doesn’t want to have a piece of furniture that offers a daily reminder of how well life can be lived and how full each individual cup truly is? They are open to orders and ship globally!!!

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