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Natural, Silken, Hand-stitched Kantha Stol

Soft, Silken, Natural Sustainably Sourced, Hand-printed using Natural dyes and hand-stitched in the traditional Kantha Stitch!

All too much trouble to take over a Stole? Something one can lift off a rack anywhere??

Depends who’s asking. If we wish to be Natural, Conscious travelers and value, support and encourage fair labor practices, chemical-free processes, sustainable sourcing and a clean, healthy option, then.. No, it’s not too much trouble to take to make a stole because this is all the Natural, Time-honoured way of life for most rural folk world-over.

Do we city-folk, that shop online and travel the world celebrate this honest, clean, happy option or don’t we?

It’s a no-brainer!

Want a deal? Reseller Housewife, Boutique Owner, Happy Camper.. ask… we will get you the best prices as these are all from the weavers, makers.. at zero profit to us! Makes us all
Happy. Priceless!!! Right??  😊❤️

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