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If Spices be the joy of life… Cook On!!

Great Gift! From Lal Bhai in Kutch, Gujarat to Bangalore, made and delivered in 7 days.

Hand-beaten brass with engraved motifs in fine details on the round dibba box, the lovely lid that firmly fits and the seven individual removable holders.

No plastics, no chemicals, washable, pure metal that is generational by heritage.

It’s a wide range to choose from to create your individual, healthy, happy, natural and artistic space while passing money into hands that have been marginalized by the Global Conglomerates with Factory Models and a Plastic Age! Buy or Commision… it’s a huge network of artisans with big-hearts, skilled hands and an unbroken Dharohar or tradition to create perfection in honour of a glorious past and their ancestral blessings.

Zero Greed. Genuine, Authentic Labors of Love.Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

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