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Tandoori BBQ !!! Feed the Face..and the Soul


The East and the West, the Orient and Occident, North and South…opposites, contrasts and actually, quite confluent! Par example..Food. Never mind the exotic profusion of aromatic spices on the one end of the spectrum and the subtle aromas and restrained use of herbs on the other. Never mind the conjugated platter with every kind of food group known to mankind, carbs, proteins, dairy, fats and sugars, on one plate, all at one time, in one meal and the sophisticated design and minimalist approach of the other, with one portion being central and the supporting cast being limited to a side dish or two….never mind the minor variations (!) but let’s instead consider the bigger picture for a moment.

Case in point..The Tandoor, the clay oven of the Indian habitat and the Bbq, the grill of the West. The Indians fire-up the tandoor through the winter months…its a great substitute for central-heating, while, incidentally, also cooking ones food! The West enjoys Bbqs in the Summer. A great way for family and friends to meet and share relaxed times.

Captured below is the 2-hour long journey of the freshly chopped veggies, ie, corn, potatoes, peppers, onions, cauliflowers, mushrooms and the freshly “dead” chicken drumsticks, all marinated in freshly ground spices from the Spice-platter below. 2 hours from chopping, marinating, piling onto skewers and then, finishing-off on a grill! Yes, a grill..all set to be fired-up with ready to heat coals on a no-fuss “Western” Grill.

No fuss with a clay-tandoor, no great skill required, no burns acquired…simple, hassle-free Grill but with all the exotic range of spices and aromas that infuse the air with a healthy appetite. East meets West beautifully, in harmony, thank you very much!

At CraftsBazaar, as we work to assimilate the diversity of the multitudes and teaming masses, we consciously celebrate the natural uniqueness that comes from a deep-rooted connection to ones origins. People are who they are because of where they come from and what they experience in that most personal journey as they arrive at Today.  There is always a fusion of the past and present, of tradition and innovation. Tandoori BBQ!!

For the faces and the souls..we care to know nothing of the polarities of directions, landmasses and cultures. We only know of the sheer joy and good fun had through the process of making something happen collaboratively and the simple abundance and warmth of sharing the meal post-production! We embrace all heritage, all diversity and all beginnings while we work to leverage technology to include those who as yet remain outside the ambit of education, employment and healthcare.

No barriers of age, ability, class or kind…only a group of people, with no common past history, pursuing a common passion, working towards the promise of tomorrow, striving to make a difference…A Team.

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