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Eco-friendly, sustainable, joyful & honest!

Om ji supports a group or 400 women in a small village near Varanasi. These products and his work have been featured before… Hereโ€™s a visual delight!

Eco-friendly, sustainable, joyful, honest, useful, unique, fabulous, natural… and just plain adorable. Communities thrive on inter-dependence.

When misfortune from economic crisis or natural disasters hits the world.. communities that thrive on daily wages or transactional and seasonal in-person sales, fairs, festivals etc suffer in more ways than one.

It doesnโ€™t have to be that way. We all shop anyway.

How about we shop and also feel good about it?

Anyhow, where else will one find some astonishingly beautiful daily-use products?!

Together, we can.ย 

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