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Ye Mera India❤️. Where rural lanes are Museums of Art and History!

Art emanates from the deepest collective sub-conscious of all tribes, universally and informs all aspects of the lives of communities.

Traveling through Desert sands, Ocean views and Mountain ranges, from Peru to Africa or Italy, Spain and India, indeed all over places as yet not totally urbanized, we have the most primal, spiritual, creative expressions of indigenous peoples in the least likely of places.

These are a few roadside shots where families have their personal deities, that are venerated while they watch-over their descendants, villages too have their own and of course, the wider town and culture has ones that are in-common to all!

Men and Women, Equally adored.

The figurines are lifelike, exaggerated in expression, bright and colourful in keeping with the lifestyle of the people.

The floors and walls have handpainted murals and motifs that evoke prosperity and well-being for all.

No stroke is without meaning.

Each has a story, relevance and historical significance.

Humans, where we are in our most natural, closest to our origins, inhabit spaces in a sacred, meaningful and simple manner that offers abundance, simple joys and a good nights sleep!

Why have we drifted so far away from what completes us and keeps us happily, whole?

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