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Meet our Maamuni ❤️. The engaging painter and bard who not only paints but also sings the stories that reveal the context of each work!

The Kalighat paintings, quite literally originating from the ghats of the Kali Temple in West Bengal, have held their own through the Cycle of Time.

Rooted in the lives of an ancient people and their immediate connect and joyful celebration of Ma Kali and Ma Durga, in symbolizing their vanquishing of all baser thoughts, emotions and misdeeds and the harmony of Life in the Eternally Beloved Radha Krishn and now contemporary stories of the Battle with Corona or COVID!

This is her latest collection in Vintage Earthy tones.

They come in scrolls and can be made to any size you wish.

These are in 3/2 feet.

Simply stunning!!

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