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Great Gifts 🎁🎁🎁 anytime, anyplace!! From Artists’ hands that paint in Gold!!

Designer Handcrafted Gold and Gemstone Jewellery. Shringar Rus!

What do we know or style and trends that our ancestors didn’t? Isn’t that what we ought to know when we choose what determines or taste and our choice for personal adornment?

Perhaps the question really is.. “What did they know and what might we glean to inform our choices in the most refined fashion possible?!”

These are miniature paintings on marble stone.. yup! Marble Stone.. made using real gold paint, real crushed gemstones.. emeralds and so on…

Each ornament is exactly as the rao thing is and was centuries back. Priceless!

Let’s about Sustainability… locally sourced marble, locally sourced natural stones, an art form that’s passed on from generations and zero carbon footprint! Own it.. and it grows in value for neither these natural resources nor these skilled artisans will be found unfortunately in the not-so-distant-future!

View collection at Respect Origins.

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