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Kaleen; A Kashmiri Legend Hand-knotted carpets


Originating in Persia, the carpets from Kashmir are epitomes of grace, elegance, quality and that elusive, priceless, gift of civilization known as “heritage”. Owning a Kashmiri Carpet has long been the hallmark of luxury and taste. An investment that grows in value and in beauty with the passage of time. All carpets are handmade or machine made. However, only these legends carry within each, knotted into every warp and weft, by expert hands, the tales of the one Paradise on Earth, Kashmir.

The art of making the Kashmiri knotted carpet was introduced by weavers from Persia to who then trained the local Kashmiris. The Kashmiri carpets are hand-knotted and have signature, complex designs that are primarily oriental, floral or geometric in style, with a carefully chosen mix and match of colour, to suit every theme.  These are made, chiefly, in pure wool, pure silk and seldom wool and silk blends. One can browse through these masterpieces and source them directly from the forgotten, previously hidden-in-the-shadows weavers and self-help groups. They custom-designed and can be made-to-order, as well, courtesy online shopping.

Pictures Courtesy: CraftsBazaar India


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