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Discover The Rann of Kuttch: Source Directly from Artisans


As one travels through India as a wandering crafts’ enthusiast, one finds the most amazing pieces of handicrafts. Almost without exception, when I start to think I’ve seen it all, I find myself being drawn into a mesmerizing vortex of intricate motifs, perfectly balanced patterns, earthy textures, meaningful layers and clashing yet harmonious colours all made by village folk in remote corners of the ocean of humanity that is India.

Like a sponge, I find myself soaking-up in humble earnestness, as quickly as I can, the appreciation for the mastery of the ancient crafts, being sustained and passed on as a priceless legacy, by devoted artisans that make it their life’s purpose, entirely devoid of selfish pursuit of either wealthy or glory. Dignified custodians of a rich heritage.

Promote Fair Trade: Source Directly from Artisans

The Kuttchi embroidery, is one such unique handicraft of the tribal community of the Kuttch District in Gujarat, India. This style of embroidery has been mastered by different tribes, with each being distinct in their style and content. Geometric designs, almost tattoo-like sometimes gentle, floral and poetic. The craft is predominantly led by women and generally done on fabrics of cotton with the threads being in cotton or silk. The tools and material are of course, the needle, mirrors-big and small, and sequins. The fabric is fixed on an adjustable embroidery frame. The procedure involves inserting the needles into the fabric and bringing it up in one motion and then pulling the thread. 

Products like rugs, bed covers, cushion covers, to add vibrant appeal and uniqueness to one’s home or flattering, exquisitely embroidered blouses or Kurtis, Cholis and accessories are increasingly gaining popularity as Urbanites look to unique, one of a kind pieces. These can now be sourced directly from artisans with the added choice of commissioning pieces to one’s own taste. One can connect with the community of craftspersons and NGOs when one shops online for Indian Handicrafts at

Explore, engage and you may be delighted and even astonished at what you might discover.

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